If you pre-register online you will pay only €25 for the registration fee instead of €35 at the convention.

On Saturday night there will be a great live concert followed by a party in Expo venues. Pre-registrants can buy this ticket for €10 each.

Additionally, you can opt for a unique merchandise package for €15 (limited edition – online only!).

To pre-register more people simply choose more pre-registrations and enter their data in the “Other information” field. Non-addicts and children don’t pay registration fee, but they have to pay for the concert if they want to attend – details below. Merchandise package includes T-shirt – if you order it enter type (Ladies/Men) and size of the T-shirt (S/M/L/XL/XXL).

35.00 25.00
15.00 10.00
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Terms and conditions:

ECCNA is a registration-required event. That means everyone must be wearing a badge to enter any part of the ECCNA Venue except the registration area. Your ECCNA registration badge also gives you admission to the Friday night open stage. Saturday concert requires an additional ticket to attend.

Please be careful with your badge and tickets. We will not replace lost or stolen ECCNA registration badges or special event tickets.

Children and non-addicts

Non-addicts and children are eligible for specially marked child badges at no charge. During your registration you need to provide us with the details of children and non-addicts coming with you. Anyone must have a registration badge to gain access to the convention center, and anyone, including children older than 11 years, must have a ticket to attends a special event.

Update 6 May 2018: We are happy to inform you that there will be childcare service provided during the convention. For details please contact entertainment committee.

Pre-Registration Package Pick Up

It’s very important to remember that we do NOT split Pre-registration packages. In other words, one person must pick up the entire registration package, including all guest registrations, merchandise, and special event tickets. The person who purchases the registration is the only one who will get an email confirmation. If you are purchasing registrations for other people, they will not receive any communication about the registration package. Be aware: If you forward your email confirmation to anyone, this will give them access to change or add to your pre-registration, and rights to pick up your entire registration package and pre-reg merchandise.

Pre-registration Merchandise

Pre-registration merchandise is only available to those who are pre-registered for the convention. If you cancel your registration, that will cancel your merchandise order as well.

Pre-registration merchandise will ONLY be available for pick up onsite at ECCNA 34. If you are unable to attend, prior arrangements must be made for someone to pick up your registration package and pre-reg merchandise onsite. We will not be mailing pre-registration merchandise.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you must cancel or make a change to your registration, please do so before July 2018. We will not be issuing refunds or making exchanges after 1 July 2018.

In order to update or cancel your registration altogether, you must email You should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation of your cancellation within a few days, please follow up.

Personal data

The administrator of personal data of clients collected for the needs of pre-registration of ECCNA is the Fundacja Biuro Służby Regionalnej NA w Polsce, ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wrocław, KRS 0000573733, NIP 8943065891, Regon 362428157, hereinafter referred to as the Foundation.

Customers’ personal data is collected by the Foundation via the registration form only for the purpose of implementing the sales contract and enabling participation in ECCNA. The Foundation provides only the necessary data to the selected entity that supports online payments to implement these payments. The Foundation does not share personal data with other entities. After one year from the date of the event, all personal data will be deleted.
The customer has the right to access their data and correct them. Providing personal data is voluntary, but failure to do so results in the inability to conclude a contract and participate in ECCNA.