Call for speakers

ECCNA Speaker Criteria

The 37th European Convention and Conference of Narcotics Anonymous (ECCNA 37) will be held in Cairo Egypt this year 2022 during the period 9th, 10th and 11th of September. We hope to see as many of you as possible and would like to invite some of you to speak at the convention!

    - 5 years clean
    - Speaks in clear and understandable English
    - Clear NA message
    - Has a Sponsor, works the 12 steps and has working knowledge of the 12 traditions
    - Hasn't spoken in any of the last 3 ECCNA’s nor the last World Convention (WCNA)
    - Has been in NA service

If you meet the above criteria, please apply before 30th of June, 2022

Note: You'll have to submit a copy of your passport privately by email before 7th of July, 2022

“When we decide to serve NA, we make a decision to help addicts find and maintain recovery” JFT, p.367.

If you meet the above criteria 👇🏽