European Convention 2021. Tours and excursions

Dear friend!
We hope that your visit to Kiev and Ukraine will be filled with fond memories and leave you craving for more. We have selected what we believe to be the best options from a long list of tours. Outings have been chosen with the true spirit of NA in mind and designed for NA members. We have expert guides and can offer English language tours.


Chernobyl 22.07.2021/Thursday 07:00-19:00
Bus Tour 23.07.2021/Friday 09:00-13:00
Walking Tour 24.07.2021/Saturday 09:00-10:30
Evening Kiev 24.07.2021/Saturday 23:00-01:00
Boat trip 25.07.2021/Sunday 16:00-22:00

A unique opportunity to visit the site of one of the major events of the 20th century, you will see the devastation caused 34 years ago by the world’s biggest nuclear accident. But you will also witness how our planet is healing itself, and despite the depressing predictions of science, how Mother Nature has reclaimed the Chernobyl site with amazing biodiversity inside the 30 km excursion zone (60 types of different animals, including wild boars, moose, bears, wolves).
Our tour specifically avoids areas of dangerous contaminations. Your safety from radiation exposure is assured as long as you comply with the expert instructions of your guides.
The whole-day Chernobyl trip will surely give you a strong initial impression of this major historical event and its aftermath. Meals included.

Participants MUST be over 18 years old
Persons with certain pre-existing medical conditions are excluded from participation (diabetics, people undergoing cancer treatments, pregnant women, people with cardiac issues and breathing problems)
Participants must sign a disclaimer before entering the exclusion zone acknowledging that the Chernobyl tour takes place in a hazardous environment and that they refute future claims on the tour organisers and the Chernobyl authorities, in the unlikely event of health issues arising during and/or after this visit.
It is a legal requirement that all visitors to the exclusion zone are not under the influence of alcohol or other chemicals.
Passports must be carried at all times.
Those wishing to visit Chernobyl are required to complete personal information documents in advance in order to receive a territory permit
As a minimum long sleeved shirts and full length to ankle trousers (shorts, skirts, dresses are prohibited), socks and spare socks, thick-soled comfortable shoes without perforation (no sandals). Dress as you would for hiking – be prepared for walking and light climbing. Additionally we recommend a layered approach with jumpers, raincoats, and hats.
Snacks, water, insect repellent, sunblock, plasters, antiseptic.